Maybe your business would benefit from a working with a design firm that specializes in a specific type of marketing. You may want to look for specific services such as print design or online marketing. Sometimes a business is already successful and the owners want the business to grow to the next level. In that case taking a look at all aspects of the business marketing is likely to produce the best results. A full service advertising agency may want to look at everything from the logo to customer satisfaction surveys. It is also true that the firm may focus on one or two items related to the branding or marketing and leave other aspects of the business untouched.

Smaller design firms may focus on only one or two aspects of marketing such as website development and online marketing and they would not be ideally suited to assist with an overall plan to improve the business.

We often meet with business owners who are just starting out and they will need many different advertising related services. It would have consumed a tremendous amount of the business owners time by going from a graphic artist to a video producer to a website designer and so on in order to obtain all of the marketing services that they would need for their new business venture. Sometimes business owners feel that they can only go to an ad agency if they commit to spend a specific dollar amount each year. They may have also been told that they will have to pay a monthly retainer fee of thousands of dollars. The fact is that different agencies work different ways and for most of them all options are a possibility. Anything from a one time project such as TV commercial production to a year long contract may be an acceptable working arrangement within the advertising firm.

So how do you decide where you should go for all your branding, marketing and advertising needs? We suggest that you look at the clients and portfolio of various agencies and see if your business looks like a good fit. If one firm only has national accounts and you are opening a new dental office then that isn't going to be the right place for you. Once you've selected a marketing firm that seems like a good match then decide on a starting budget and an ongoing advertising budget. The starting budget will cover costs such as logo design, TV commercial production, trade show display, brochures, website development and any printing costs you may have. The ongoing budget would be a monthly investment you'd make towards the cost of promoting your business.

It can also happen that you may feel that you know exactly what your business needs to grow and once you have an initial consultation you may come away with new ideas you had not previously considered. You may decide that your original plan isn't the best option and this is yet another reason to select the right partner for your advertising needs. For example, we had a client who wanted a brochure to promote a specific part of his business. We never did make the new brochure; instead we showed him a way to offer brand new services to his existing client base. Offering new services to existing clients is by far less expensive than advertising to reach new clients.

How we may help you can only be determined when you take the first step and contact us about your advertising needs.