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Advertising services include all types of advertising, branding and marketing. Many businesses need more than one service such as graphic design for print, internet marketing, outdoor advertising, social media marketing, package design, trade show displays, branding, TV commercial production, media buying, website development and direct mailing. One stop shopping for all of your advertising needs will save you time and insure a cohesive marketing package.

The list of services may include smart phone app development, placing advertising on apps and all types of online marketing. It is wise to find one provider who is able to handle all of your branding, marketing and advertising needs in-house so that you don't have to go back and forth with multiple vendors.

In general a graphic artist will follow your direction and create what you suggest. Most people who decide to go to a full service advertising agency want advice on the best method of marketing their products or services.

A full service advertising agency should be able to meet with you and listen to your goals and objectives and come up with a plan that fits your budget. Sometimes we begin to expect to hear outlandish claims by individuals and marketing firms that can never seem to deliver on their promises. Although a new marketing campaign won't solve all of your problems a wise man once told me that if we can just increase sales the other problems seem to take care of themselves. It is true that we do like to produce stunning visual graphics yet we aren't trying to win an advertising contest; we only want to make your telephone ring and help you to generate more sales.

advertising services

The first part of any advertising plan begins with strategy. We look at your monthly budget and come up with an advertising strategy that won't exceed your budget. This may include redesign of brochures, pocket folders, logo and may also include TV and online promotions. One goal may be brand awareness and the ultimate goal is generally to get customers to walk in, buy online or call for an appointment. Below you will find a list of advertising services that may or may not be right for your business. In our initial meeting we will go over all the options and see what is best for your business.

The best way to work with a full service advertising agency such as ours is to decide upon the monthly investment you are able to make in the marketing of your business and disclose that to the agency. Sometimes we get phone calls asking for example "What is the cost of TV advertising?" or "How much does a billboard sign cost?" and then we explain that we can offer a lot more than just giving prices. For some businesses TV advertising is the best method of advertising and for others it would be a waste of money. A billboard sign can be good for keeping your name in front of the public and other forms of advertising can be better at having a call to action. We once saw a humorous restaurant ad on a billboard sign once that said "Bring in this billboard for 10% off" and although the sign got awareness for the restaurant; tracking effectiveness of the billboard sign is not so easy. In general we find that combining advertising methods will increase the effectiveness of each type of advertisement. If we direct mail postcards to homes in a certain area and at the same time we run TV ads in that same area then we find that both types of ads perform better than they would have individually. This can be explained by the fact that people feel that a brand is more reputable, a bigger company and more reliable when they feel like they see them everywhere. We had a client in the flooring business that offered the service of coming to your home to show you examples of flooring. We ran ads in the newspapers, on TV, at sporting events and direct mailings. People would often call the client and say, "I drove by your store and now I can't remember where it is located." and in fact the client didn't have any stores at all. People saw the advertisements in so many different places that they became confused and thought they had actually seen stores that never existed. This helped the client to do very well in several major cities around the country.

We might determine that your competition does well at trade show marketing and this might be a good option for your business as well. We are able to conduct research and see how much money a competitor of yours spends on TV or radio advertising. Please click to see what type of advertising is the best: The best advertising

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Please click to see what type of advertising is the best: The best advertising