Brochure Design

Brochure design and implementation may become part of your advertising and marketing plans. Typically the first impression someone has of our business is either going to our website, a TV commercial they saw or a business card or brochure handed to them by a salesperson. Brochures can be used as part of a direct mailing strategy, they can sit in brochure holders in a reception area and they can be used as collateral material by salespeople. Often the brochure is not the first contact a person has with a company; instead it is given to a potential client when they arrive at the place of business. Therefore it is generally other marketing efforts that result in the prospect calling on the business. The prospect may have seen a TV commercial or heard a radio ad or preformed an internet search. Once the prospect enters the place of business or invites a salesperson over, then it is the brochure that provides additional information which lends credibility to the company. Once the potential new client leaves your store or the salesperson leaves the prospect then the brochure becomes your silent salesperson.

We often see clients who have prepared some type of marketing materials including brochures designed in-house. We can always tell when a brochure was designed without the assistance of professional brochure designers and the general public can see that as well. The expensive part of your advertising plan is the cost of bringing the buyer to your store or business. Once the consumer has entered your store then the sale is yours to lose. This is where a professionally designed brochure can make all the difference in the world by adding to the good feeling the buyer had that brought them in to your location in the first place.

In the brochure design example to the right; a plumber will appear to be more professional than one who either has no brochure or a poorly designed brochure.

The brochure has the added benefit that it passes along information that even the best salesperson may have forgotten to mention. Once the brochure is in the hands of a new customer then that customer may say, "Oh I didn't realize you also offered this product or service which I also need". The brochure creates consistency in the distribution of your message because it contains all of the important facts about your business. As an example, we had a security company that was using a two pocket folder filled with whatever info each salesperson thought was important to bring along on their appointments. The business owner had no idea what information was being distributed on each appointment. We pointed out to the business owner that one big advantage of a brochure is that there would be no question about what information was given to the clients.

A graphic artist will generally ask you what information you want in your brochure. Professional brochure designers like the ones in our company are not going to make you do the work. Our writer has a Master's Degree in journalism and she will write all of the content for your beautiful new brochures. Our artists all have Bachelors Degrees in commercial art and they will create something professional and beautiful to represent your company. We will look at any existing marketing materials that you are already using for your business and keep the look and feel of your new brochures consistent with the look and feel of your website, TV advertising, trade show display or anything else you may already have.

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