Direct Mail Marketing

Just when you think everyone forgot all about direct mail marketing, it is starting to come back in a big way. What is responsible for this return to an old favorite form of advertising is partly the fact that we are bombarded by emails all day long. When someone takes the time to send us a letter or a postcard we are more likely to take a look. Also new, lower postal rates are allowing us to deliver the mail to every home or business in an area at a fraction of the cost we paid only a couple of years ago. The cost to mail a letter always goes up; it is the direct mailing cost that has come down.

You may wonder if this isn't the same old junk mail that we always tossed into the trash. Junk mail got that lovely name because most of the time, most of us with throw it in the garbage. Now you may ask why we would ever suggest that you invest your advertising dollars in junk mail. The answer to why we like direct mail marketing is in the math involving large numbers. Let's say for example that we believe that old rule of thumb that you'll get a 1% rate of return is a lie. Let's go with our more realistic assumption that although miracles do happen (we once got a 2% rate of return on a direct mail piece) we prefer to believe that we will only get a quarter of a percent rate of return or 0.25%. Direct mail marketing works in large numbers; you won't test it to see if it works by sending out 1,000 pieces. We need a bigger mailing to see the results so let's use 50,000 pieces. With that number when we multiply by 0.0025 which is 0.25% then we get 125 for our expected number of clients who call us based upon our postcard. Now we would look at the value of the average customer and see if direct mail marketing will work for your business. For example if you own a (fill in the blank) store and your average customer is worth a $500.00 profit and a 50,000 piece mailing will get you 125 new customers then you will make $62,500.00 profit minus the cost of the mailing. We have mailing programs that include design, print and delivery of 50,000 pieces for under $0.10 per piece. That's why we love direct mail marketing; for the right business.

For a successful direct mail marketing program it is important to work with a full service advertising agency that understands that there is more than one way to deliver a postcard. We have many options available to us at much lower rates than you'd expect considering the high cost of postage. We often do mailings of 50,000 pieces or more for about a quarter of the cost of the postage stamp required to mail a letter because we are using programs available from the post office to direct mailing houses.

If it would help your business to put a coupon in a person's hand then direct mail marketing might be a great option for your business.

If you would like to reach your customers at home when they are away from work, away from their computers and emails then direct mail marketing might be the right solution for your business. We don't just design and print postcards we develop direct mail marketing campaigns based upon your advertising budget. You will never have to make a trip to the post office with boxes full of cards; we handle it all from creating the message, designing and printing, addressing the postcards and delivering them to the post office.

direct mail marketing
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direct mail marketing