Event Promotion

Your business may require the services of a full service advertising agency for some type of event promotion. An ad agency can assist with TV commercial production, radio commercial production, media buying, poster design and print, magazine advertising and newspaper advertising to promote your event.

The event may be to announce a grand opening of a business or a new location for that business. The event promotion can be a method of introducing a new product or service. Maybe you don't have a new location, product or service and you want to announce a big sale. With the proper type of event promotion you can have a larger than normal number of customers appear at your business location.

We had an auto dealership in Miami that was telling us that people in the area would bring their cars in for service and most of them had purchased their cars at a competing dealership 20 miles away. They wanted to attract more local South Florida new car business.

On the right you can see a poster we produced for a Miami Florida auto dealership. We also had DJ's from two different radio stations come out to the dealership. These two DJ's were placed at opposite ends of the dealership and they were each giving away promotional products with the radio station logo. This caused everyone to walk back and forth to see each DJ. As they walked back and forth they looked at cars. The general manager of this South Florida auto dealership told us it was the Sunday they had in the history of their company.

We distributed the posters to daycare centers in the area. We handed out flyers on the street near the dealership. We did not increase the advertising budget at all and just changed the last five seconds of their commercials to say "This Sunday come and see Sponge Bob & Patrick". Nothing that we did for this event ever mentioned "Huge Savings" or "Great Deals On Cars" we simply mentioned the event and the kids made their parents bring them.

event promotion

The event promotion example shown on the right was for a retail store grand opening in South Florida. The pharmacy opened their third location and politicians love to be in front of cameras so we got the mayor to attend the event. Two locations are in Broward county and this one is the first one they opened in Miami Dade county. We used newspaper advertising because newspapers reach people who are age 50 and above. This age group is more likely to need the products typically found in a pharmacy.

For this event we passed out postcard sized flyers in the street near the pharmacy and offered special grand opening prices.