Movie Theater Advertising

When people go out to see a movie they want to be entertained not watch our commercials. With this thought in mind we have to make movie theater ads that are short (15-seconds) and generally more fun than they would be if they were running on a TV network. You can see an example of a fun movie theater ad me made for a dentist. Dentistry is not the first thing most people think of when they think about "fun". We decided to make the ad look like a trailer for a new movie about to be released. The ad ends showing that the dentist is actually near the cinema. The reason we selected movie theater advertising for this particular client is because we wanted to show people nearby that she looks friendly and harmless. Most people want to find a dental office near their home so if the theater is near your home and the dentist is near the theater then movie theater advertising works. It is also a good option for a dentist because a dentist works with men, women, teens, the elderly in fact as long as you are still breathing you need a dentist. The profile of the dental patient is very similar to the profile of a person who goes to see movies; people who are alive and live near the theater. In other words everyone goes to movies and everyone goes to a dentist.

The job of a full service advertising agency is not to simply give cinema advertising cost; the job is to determine what is the best type of advertising for your business.

movie theater advertising