Online Marketing

All of the major search engines offer some form of pay-per-click advertising and this is only one form of online marketing. We can also buy banner ads on various websites such as movie theater websites and news websites as well as many others. We can place ads on Facebook that are highly targeted to specific groups of people. As an example suppose that a pediatrician in Miami Florida wants to advertise online. One option is to use pay-per-click advertising with search engines. In that case a person may search for "Miami Florida pediatrician" and when the ad appears and the person clicks the ad then the doctor pays a fee to the search engine. This helps the doctor to find people when they are actively searching for a pediatrician Conversely we may want to use Facebook and run targeted only to females of the right age that may be looking for a pediatrician for their children and only show those ads to Facebook user in Miami Florida. To compare with pay-per-click advertising in the search engines you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Your ad is displayed only when someone searches for the specific keyword phrases you purchased. With Facebook it is still pay-per-click and the big difference is that your ads run without anyone typing in anything to cause them to appear.

Other forms of online marketing may include social media marketing, viral marketing, behavioral targeting and retargeting.

Have you noticed that one day it happens that you read about a certain topic such as investing in gold and then next thing you know it seems that every time you go online you keep seeing ads about investing in gold. This is happening because the advertiser is retargeting you. We are able to setup ads for our clients that will run in specific geographically targeted areas any time a person looked at certain websites. Wouldn't it be nice if YOUR ads appeared each time potential clients viewed a competitors website? That is how retargeting works.

We are also able to do online advertising directed at smart phones. For example we may want to run ads on the websites and apps people use on mobile phones to get information about movies. These are people out for the night and while they are on their way to a movie seems like a great time to give them ideas about where to go after the show.

online advertising