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Why Use Promotional Products for your business? Promotional products are just give away items that cost YOU money so why bother? Think of some of the many ways that promotional products could benefit your business. For example we can give away inexpensive items at a trade show as a way to draw people into our booth. At the end of the aisles in the exhibit halls we see the trash cans full of flyers people try to force others to take. The promotional products never make it to these trash cans. The idea is to get the prospective clients to take something home that they will remember about you. Give them something they can stick onto their refrigerators or use in their cars or at their place of business.

TV commercials, billboard signs and magazine ads all get looked at once and can easily be forgotten. When you give something useful to a client that they can take home with your logo, website address and phone number you've done something that those other forms of advertising cannot duplicate.

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We can give useful gifts to current customers to encourage them to think of us in a positive way and not go elsewhere. We could create a loyalty program in which customers use our service or buy our products X number of times and they are rewarded with a nicer gift. We can also use various advertising products to help establish name recognition. As an example, imagine that you are at a trade show and a competitor of yours is giving away tote bags with their logo to as many people as you can. As you see hundreds of people walking around with your competitors bags how does that make you feel? You can be the one to make YOUR competition feel that way. When you give someone a small gift such as a note pad and a pen they appreciate your thoughtfulness and this improves client relations. We all know it costs more to get a new customer than it does to sell something new to an existing customer. We can stop in to see someone we haven’t seen in years and offer them a candy jar with our logo full of treats. When have you ever seen anyone refuse a jar full of chocolates or jelly beans? If you sell your products by way of a distribution network then your customers are actually that distribution network. Keep your customers happy and keep your name top of mind with some nice promotional products. Ask customer to submit ideas for a new product, service or a way to promote a new product or service and offer an inexpensive gift to everyone who participates. This would encourage innovation, develop new ideas and engage clients with your brand. For milestones and anniversaries you can give away some type of advertising product. Your customers like receiving the gift and at the same time you are reminding them of how many years you’ve been in business. This shows that you have staying power in your industry and helps you to have a great reputation. These give away items can also be helpful at local outdoor festivals and events where you can develop goodwill within the community. In business sometimes things don’t always go exactly as we had planned and if we need to apologize for a problem we caused for a client then we can show appreciation for the client at the same time with one of our advertising products.

Awards are used internally to recognize and reward our employees for reaching sales goals, maintaining a positive attitude and to celebrate anniversaries with our company.

In our company we use a specific shade of blue and anytime that we give away any type of promotional products they will have that same blue. This helps us to build our corporate identity and keeps our image in the thoughts of our clients.

Crystal Recognition Awards
Crystal Recognition Awards

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Magnetic Business Cards

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