TV Advertising & TV Commercial Production

There are several parts to a successful TV advertising campaign.

1. TV Commercial Production
2. Media Buying
3. Budgeting for TV Advertising

We don't need to test TV advertising to see if it works; we only need to determine if TV advertising is right for your business. Think of big names that you see advertising on TV. They know that TV advertising works for their business otherwise they would have quit long ago. The purpose of TV advertising can be general brand awareness, special event promotion, holiday sales event or long term branding and name recognition.

The first step is to seek a full service advertising agency that has experience in all types of TV commercial production. Some TV commercials are produced entirely in a computer without ever shooting any video. Other TV commercials will use several actors and actresses and a jingle may be used to help people remember the brand name or a phone number.

Once the TV commercial production is completed then our media buyer will look for the best values on TV based upon your monthly advertising budget. This does not mean that we check to see which shows have the best ratings. We first check to see which shows your typical clients are most likely to be watching. Then we once we know which shows would be best we look for the best values. Often it will happen that a show with a slightly lower rating will offer a huge reduction in their fees.

Lastly it is important to maintain your TV advertising budget consistently. Your TV commercial may run several hundred times before a potential customer sees it only 10 times. We need to plan from the start to keep the advertising running in order to see results.

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