Viral Marketing

Some of the Fortune 500 companies are using viral marketing for their businesses and there are opportunities for businesses of all sizes. A viral marketing campaign can involve something where people are rewarded in some way for getting friends to comment on a social media site. Some corporations have produced some very clever and humorous videos. Producing a funny video can cost a relatively small amount of money and when you consider the fact that you don't pay to keep you video on YouTube the only cost you have is video production. Additionally when fans of your viral video want to share it with their friends then they are promoting it for you for free.

Viral marketing and social media marketing can often work hand in hand. The video can be posted on Facebook and other social sites and the impact it has is the viral component.

Examples Of Viral Marketing

One thing that made YouTube catch on so quickly was NOT how many millions of dollars were spent on TV advertising. Remember the last time you saw a TV commercial promoting YouTube? We don't either! YouTube allowed us to embed their videos in our websites and blogs so that others could see them and learn how we posted these videos online for free without using up our bandwidth.

Remember when Hotmail was brand new? Anyone who sent you a message from Hotmail also was automatically including a message from Hotmail telling you how you too could get a free Hotmail account. Back in the early days before most of us had a website and we didn't have our own domain name seeing this ad about a free email account made many of us sign up.

There have been some great YouTube videos that went viral getting literally millions of views. Forget about cats that do funny tricks let's look at commercial examples of viral videos. Examples of these viral videos include: Kia Dancing Hamsters, Dove Evolution, Evian Roller Babies, Samsung HD Camera Trick Challenge and many others. Just these few have had millions of views on YouTube.

This video is seen hundreds of times each month and promotes our full service advertising agency by showing that we can be creative. When people think our video is funny then they share it with their friends and that is what it means to say that it has "gone viral".