Website Development

Finding good website designers is always a challenge. The problem is that unlike most other professions there are no minimum requirements in education or training in order to call yourself a website designer. When you work with a full service advertising agency on your website development needs then this problem is solved for you. The ad agency won't hire beginners to work on your website and will only hire competent, well trained individuals to handle all of the programming, design, content and search engine optimization needs.

We have found that the only way to make websites properly is to have a team of people working on each website development project. One of the big complaints we hear from new clients is that their previous website designer made them do all the work. We won't ask you how to design the website; we will ask what colors you like and what websites you've seen that you liked and what you liked about them. We won't ask you to provide content for the website; we will learn about your business and we will write the content subject to your approval.

In our design firm all programming is done by a person with a college degree in computer science. The website design is created by a person with a Bachelor's Degree in commercial art. The writing of all the content for your website will be handled by a person with a Master's Degree in journalism. Our search engine optimization expert has been working on websites since 1995 and keeps current on all the latest changes to search engine algorithms.

We think you'll appreciate and enjoy the difference that having an entire team of people working on your website will make. We have experience in ecommerce websites, content management system or CMS website development and we always custom design and program. We never use fill in the blank templates or third party shopping carts. By custom programming everything we can create much more robust systems than most of the basic website designers that are so common.

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Since all of our website development work involves custom programming there is nothing that we can't do. Often we are asked to integrate third party accounting, reservation or chat systems into a custom designed website. Here are a few examples of requests we've had which involved more advanced programming than the typical ecommerce or content management system website will generally require. We custom design event calendars (see the picture above to the right) that can be updated by anyone who has the CMS login. We often get requests to integrate the ecommerce part of the website with third party accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Prophet 21, Yardi as well as many other industry specific programs. We have custom designed a website to calculate commissions on multilevel marketing sales. We have integrated third party hotel reservation systems into websites so that the physical front desk and the website had the same inventory. An ecommerce website selling perishable food products that require overnight shipping had a custom made shopping cart that checked the day of the week and the time in order to give the proper shipping options. As an example if you ordered perishable foods Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday then it would ship overnight to arrive the next day. We created a system that checks to see if it is Thursday after 4:00pm and offered two alternative shipping methods. The problem is that after 4:00pm it was too late to ship Thursday and if you ship Friday then the buyer has to be informed that they can pay an extra fee for Saturday delivery or it can ship Monday for arrival Tuesday. We build ecommerce websites that calculate shipping charges based upon USPS, FedEx or UPS pricing. We also can create a system that bases shipping charges on the value of the purchase and include incentive to buy more for reduced or free shipping. There is no limit to what we can do to create robust features within your new website.